Liquid Gravity

Heritage brewing, modern design.
Brand Identity, Packaging, Illustration


Liquid Gravity Brewing Company is a true passion project pushing the boundaries of innovation while paying tribute to the history and traditions of brewing. Nightshift worked closely with the Liquid Gravity founders to design a new visual identity mirroring their brand vision.

Since completing the Liquid Gravity rebrand, Nightshift has designed 2 custom beer can labels out of a 4-part beer can series. The illustrations on the first can, Miami Heist, were designed with inspiration from Grand Theft Auto, while the colour palette is a nod to the California sunsets enjoyed in San Luis Obispo, where the brewery is located.

For the second can, Crispy life Pilsner, we wanted to create a sense of weightlessness inspired by the high levels of carbonation which lend the beer it’s signature crisp taste. To lean into this effervescent character we used a fading drop shadow and a bright environment filled with floating bubbles.

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