Saint Cloud 2020

The art of simplicity.
Brand Identity, Packaging, Illustration


Saint Cloud is a top shelf Kentucky Straight Bourbon, crafted by Ray Walker. Saint Cloud approached Nightshift to create a more prestigious design style to mirror their dedication to quality. This project included logotypes, a monogram, bottle labels, and mailing tubes.

In part one of the project, the focus was on creating a more distinguished brand identity, reworking the original logotype and monogram to reflect the brand’s direction in 2020. Once the logotype and monogram were finalized, we focused our efforts on redesigning the bottle’s neck and side labels to incorporate the new branding while adding embellishments and filagree.

As 2021 approached, Saint Cloud wanted to refresh their brand identity with art deco inspiration. Nightshift was also challenged to design elegant mailing tubes for the new bottles, incorporating art-nouveau inspired swan illustrations contrasted by art deco patterns.

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